Clover Vive 13.5" Hybrid

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    Clover Vive 13.5″ Hybrid

    Starting at $1,149.00
    1. Smooth top with Advanced Clover Tech Cool ™

      Smooth top with Advanced Clover Tech Cool ™ Works through thermo management by releasing energy and drawing heat away from the body. Maintaining a regulated and ideal sleeping temperature

    2. 1.5” Clover ReactTech Copper ™

      1.5” Clover ReactTech Copper ™️ adding additional comfort, Copper is highly conductive pulling excess heat away from the body maintaining optimal sleeping temperature. Not to mention, antibacterial promoting healthy sleep.

    3. 2.0” Clover ReactTech ™

      2.0” Clover ReactTech ™ foam is designed to have the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam/gel without the slow response. Reacting immediately when you move not leaving you in a hole. Disbursing body heat away from you so you sleep cool and comfortable. Not to mention, the health benefits of being antibacterial and fully breathable.

    4. 1.0” Clover ReactTech Gel ™

      1.0” Clover ReactTech Gel ™ contouring to your body while relieving pressure and providing deep support and full body alignment.

    5. 8.0” Clover Pouch ™

      8.0” Clover Pouch ™ Independent Coil offers substantial stability while eliminating most motion transfer with 1284 independent coils an above industry standard. In addition, Quantum Edge support to eliminate edge breakdown and give you 33% more sleeping surface.

    6. 1.0” High density Clover Base Foam ™

      1.0” High density Clover Base Foam ™ to give the coils durability while being compressed to add additional stability.

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