Clover comes from a background of over 30 years of manufacturing, testing and selling mattresses. We know what our customers prefer for support and comfort in a mattress. Not just another science project. All exclusive Clover support and cool tech foams have been tested and proved to support, align, comfort and outlast the competition. Think of Clover as pioneers of the mattress industry.

Free Shipping & Return

  • All orders are shipped with UPS Ground and can be tracked from factory to front door using the supplied tracking number.
  • Ships in an eco-friendly box that reduces shipping volume 80% compared to a conventional mattress.
  • Clover risk-free 120 night trial period allows customers to return their mattress for a FULL REFUND.
  • Returned mattresses are donated to local charities or recycled through local state programs.
  • No returns on adjustable bases unless shipping is paid by customer

Why are we any different?

Good question. With so many mattresses sold online and everyone of them claiming to be scientifically engineered Clover mattress was created by experience to deliver the utmost comfort and support technology without compromising value and price.

What can build a mattress better than science you ask? Experience! Rather than using our customers as guinea pigs based off of what science says we have first hand experience what our customers want out of a quality mattress. We are beyond the guinea pig stage.

Support: Clover mattress support technology is built with only the finest layers of carefully approved Clover ReactTech ™ and Individual Pouch ™ Coil. Providing utmost pressure relief on your sensitive areas and calm contour support on all your curves and crevasses.

Breathability: Clover mattress will allow air flow through our unique revivifying temperature control technology. From the bottom to top, side to side and head to foot, every square inch of our mattress will breath. Think of it as feeling naked with your clothes on.

Comfort: Overall comfort of the Clover mattress will rectify every other mattress out there. At least that’s what our customers think. Designed by experience our team has conclusively assembled a most favorable  comfort that nearly 98 percent that try it keep it.

Our Mattress:

Clover mattress was developed and engineered from experience producing a resounding comfort, support and breathability. Delivering a compromising sleeping experience night after night. Developed with Clover Pouch ™  Independent Coil Technology to give you ultimate full body contour support with essential and gentle pressure relief on your hips and shoulders. Furthermore, Clover Pouch ™  eliminates most motion transfer, but has just enough vivacity for when intimacy calls. With nearly 1200 individual Pouch Coils with above industry standard tempered wire the Clover mattress will react to every curve of your body with a gentle, but supportive resilience. Our mattress is built and assembled in the USA.

Clover Quantum Edge Support is engineered 365 degrees around the mattress to provide a resilient edge support. Gives you 33% more sleeping surface without feeling like you’ll roll off the bed when laying on the edge of the mattress. Also providing a nice seating edge support. So whether laying on the edge of the mattress or sitting on it to tie your shoes you will be supported.

Clover only uses CertiPur US foams for a natural chemical free sleep environment.

Our Clover ReactTech ™  foam works with your body temperature not against it. Regulating your sleeping temperature drawing excess body heat away maintaining your body within a few degrees.

Our Clover ReactTech ™ has the benefits of gel/memory without the slow recovery. It responds instantly to your body making it easy to move in. Promoting optimal comfort for you and your spouse minimizing transfer of motion for an undisturbed sleep.

Additionally, we add a layer of our very own Clover ReactTech Copper ™  not only for the additional support and comfort, but the health benefits as well. Copper is antibacterial mold and mildew resistant promoting a healthy sleep environment.

Each layer we use in the Clover mattress is carefully designed and tested to deliver the proper amount of comfort and support. Each layer will compromise the next providing ultimate breathability, pressure relief and comfort. Maintaining ideal sleeping temperature within a few degrees while distributing your body weight evenly for an undisturbed restful sleep.


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